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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Crochet Elmo Hat

Here is another little something that I made for my daughter for her 2nd birthday.

But that's not how it started out...
This next pic isn't either...

You see, I started with this pic when I began this post... and I wrote the following:

Looking at it now, I am thinking that I should move the entire face up, and maybe change the mouth... hmmm. I just might do that after she goes to sleep. Luckily, I am drafting this post a few days before her birthday. If I do it, I will be sure to update a pic.

OK... confession time. I already messed the face up once, and changed it. I'll let you take a peek at that disaster. (Really, I wasn't going to do this... but what the hay... y'all are cool.)

See... I told you I didn't plan on showing this disaster! The pic is not cropped, watermarked, & the lighting isn't fixed! Oh well.
Anway... see what I mean? Sooo NOT Elmo.

I didn't make this pattern up. I copied it (without pictures) from here.
I did change a couple of things. When making the hat, I did a little ch 2 after joining each round, then started the dc in the same stitch as the join. I like it better, because it doesn't leave a little gap.

You may notice these differences in the pictures. In the "finished" top photo, I made new eyes and a new nose.
I used a larger hook (I) for the eyes & nose, I added a row of even sc to the nose, and I started the eyes with the black, then switched to white. I think starting the eyes with black made it a bit neater.

I am scheduling this post "as is". If I rearrange Elmo's face (geeze... that sounds mean!) I will definitely give y'all an update pic.

So, there it is. The one on the very top. I rearranged Elmo's face a total of 4 times. Don't even ask about the missing pic! Okay... if you must know... It was just like the first pic, only the face was too low and scrunched up.
Am I 100% satisfied?
Am I going to fix it again?

I. Am. Done.

After all of that, I sure hope my lil one likes it!

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  1. Aww it was totally worth the effort! It looks fab! :)

  2. So cute....inviting you to my linky party Welcome HomevWednesday party Debbie

  3. Very cute. Too bad I don't crochet. My Little Mister loves "Melmo"!

  4. hi,

    how do i get the pattern?


    1. Hi! I just emailed you the link-
      Hope that helps! :-)

  5. hi,

    how do i get the pattern?


  6. My granddaughter is mad on Elmo...could I have the pattern please


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