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Friday, September 21, 2012

Searching for Super-Mom: Meet Tracy!

Tracy is a mom of 2 (ages 7 and 10) in the state of Washington. She works 4 days a week as a Dental Hygienist. Tracy is a beginner vegetarian, who enjoys her time blogging. "My goal is to eventually turn my "hobby" into a "real job". I would love to be able to pack up my laptop and travel! Tops on the travel list is Costa Rica, Panama and Belize, then the Mediterean, followed by Thailand. Oh, and recently added was Rio for Summer Olympics 2016!" Tracy loves to swim, and is trying to spend more time at the gym in pursuit of becoming a runner. "I did my first 3 5k's last year (2 were mud runs!)"

Tracy started blogging at the beginning of 2012. She first started writing "Busy Vegetarian Mom" as a beginners guide to becoming vegetarian, answering the questions that she came up with along the way. "I found it a good way to stay on track and document my favorite recipes. It quickly became more than that as I started to meet so many wonderful people through blogging." She started Foodie Friends Friday a few months later as another way to connect with other foodies, network and grow. She now has over 600 followers on Facebook on my Busy Vegetarian Mom page and "we are up to 300 on Foodie Friends Friday! We recently added "sponsors" to our FFF Linky Parties which help other small crafters/bloggers promote their pages as well."
You can also keep up with Tracy and her blogs via Twitter- Busy Vegetarian Mom and Food Friends Friday. Be sure to check out her Pinterest pages as well- Busy Vegetarian Mom and Foodie Friends Friday.

Tracy's parenting style is a healthy combination of "laid back" and "super strict". When asked what she wished she knew before becoming a parent, she said,  "Parenting is HARD WORK!" Her most proud moment as a parent is when her kids "laugh and have fun with us." Her favorite family tradition is Christmas on Christmas Eve.

Here are a few questions before we get to the Super Questions:

Who has been the biggest influence on your life? What lessons did that person teach you? My mother most definately. She is still right next door and I still ask her parenting questions every day. She has always been an easy mom to talk to, very much respected, always felt loved no matter what, and still have fun with my mom! 

Since you've become a parent, what advice would you give yourself, if you could go back in time (to before you had kids)? The same thing I am telling myself now...don't worry about how it is "supposed to be". We spend too much time working toward "The American Dream" and living up to "Material Expectations". Just sit back and enjoy your kids, live the lifestyle you WANT to live, not what others think you SHOULD. My kid might go to school in one of her two favorite pairs of pants with holes in the knees and crazy hair (that she did herself) but WHO CARES, as long as she is happy and comfortable with who she is. 

What do you think is the ideal age to have children? I was 26, right out of college I got married and then had kids. That's just what people do right? I think I actually was pretty close to ideal age...young enough to keep up and still be a "cool" mom, and be "done" early enough to travel and play later! Old enough to be responsible ;) 

If you had it to do over again, would you have more or less kids than you have? I think 2 is perfect. 3 years apart close enough to be friends but far enough apart to have thier own friends 

10 Super Questions

1. How is your family traditional? How is it untraditional? Traditional in that we are your average Middle Class American Family. Untraditional in that we are trying to change the way we look at our health and switch to a simpler, vegetarian/vegan lifestyle. 

2. Does your actual parenting style differ from what you thought it would be before you had children? If so, how? I don't think I am much different than I thought I would be. I am very much like my mother and always thought I would parent similar to her style. 

3. What was the best mothering advice you ever received and who gave it to you? There has been so much that I have learned from so many people over the years, but I would have to say that the best advice I can think of that so many have said, "you have to do what makes you happy" 

4. What was the most surprising thing you learned in the first year? Babies use A LOT of diapers!

5. Has your view of the world changed since you became a parent? If so, how? Absolutely. I have learned to not judge other parents for the way their children look or act "in public". I have many times had a scruffy looking child by my side, a tired child throwing a tantrum, a child who is not listening...but it doesn't mean I am a bad parent or I don't love my kids. Everyone has their moments and I try to say, "I understand" rather than judge. 

6.  What is something that you have learned about yourself since becoming a parent? I am SUPER protective! Nothing will hurt my child if I can help it, lol! 

7. What about your child(ren) reminds you of  yourself? So much in both of them! My oldest is so easy going, loving and smart (so me, lol!) My youngest is a ringer for me as a kid in the looks department, it's almost scary...(she has my tenacious and persistent side ) 

8.  If you could have any super power, what would it be? Tough question...I think it would be to spare my children from pain (physical and emotional). I know it helps us all grow, but you never want your kids to be hurt in any way. 

9. If an alien came from space and asked you what a "mother" is what would you say? The person who gave birth to the child. The one who will love and protect that child like no other. 

10. What annoys you most about other mothers? My biggest pet peeve is irresponsibility. When a child is running around unsupervised, causing trouble, in danger, etc... and the parent is not paying one ounce of attention. You committed to the job when you took that baby home, you need to be responsible for that child's wellbeing and safety.

Thank you so much, Tracy! I really enjoyed your answers and had so much fun with this interview!


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