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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Kid Snack: Chocolate Graham Cracker Dessert

When my seven year old daughter grows up, she wants to be a chef and a veterinarian.
Her veterinarian aspirations are on hold for now because we don't have any pets yet.
Her cooking aspirations, however, are coming along.
We recently celebrated a birthday.  When one of our kids have a birthday, I make up little goodie bags of snacks for the other kids. This time they happened to include graham crackers and Hershey's Miniatures.
The other day, my seven year old asked to use the microwave because she had "a really yummy snack" that she wanted to try.
Now, to you and I, this is an old idea. Sort of a take on a microwavable S'more. Something we've all seen before. But to her, this is something new and exciting. 
I love it when this happens!
Here is her creation:
Something that she created. 
An idea that she came up with on her own.

Chocolate Graham Cracker Dessert
(in her words)
"First you get 2 graham crackers and any kind of chocolate.
Then, you put the chocolate on the graham cracker and put the other graham cracker on top.
Next, you put it on a microwavable plate and put it inside the microwave for about 10 seconds.
If the chocolate doesn't melt, put it in for another 10 seconds.

Now, push it down just a tiny bit to be sure that it is melted all the way.

Then you have a good snack to eat!"

Doesn't that look yummy?
Do you let your kids make their own snacks? What creations do they come up with?


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