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Monday, May 14, 2012

Crochet Flower Hair Clips (free pattern)

These patterns have been moved. Please click the link below the photo to go to the pattern.



  1. I love these...flower B is my fave! Thanks for sharing at A Pinteresting Party! Bug hasn't been sleeping so I haven't been crocheting much these days...but maybe this stage will end soon...I hope!

  2. How cute! Thanks so much for sharing the pattern! I definitely need to make some of these this week. Just pinned to my crochet board. Thanks for linking up to A Pinteresting Party! -Sarah @ Repeat Crafter Me

  3. Thanks Lauren and Sarah!
    Lauren, I hope Bug starts sleeping for you soon! I think my littlest is starting that too. She finally started napping again, then yesterday... 20 minutes. That's it. *sigh* And she wanted to stay up half the night, too. I sat in bed next to her and played with yarn until she fell asleep. lol

  4. Hi I've come here from Chicken Scratch I love these they are so cute - don't know if I'll make them not sure my eyes are good enough for working with embroidery thread but they are cute thanks for sharing

  5. Thanks RaNae, and thanks for stopping by! :-)

  6. These are so cute! I'm super impressed with your crocheting skills! I have a cursory knowledge of crocheting, but I haven't made anything in a few years.

  7. Thank you Liz!
    I learned to crochet when I was expecting our oldest daughter. I made her a blanket. I picked it up again to make a blanket for each of my children, but for some reason, with our fourth, it stuck and I started crocheting a lot more. She's 7, so I've known how to crochet for over 21 years, but only in the last 7 have I really taken to it more. I find it very relaxing! :-)

  8. Just saw your adorable bows and clicked over and found these - so lovely! Thank you for sharing your pattern, too - I've pinned it to my crochet page :)

  9. I would just love if you link this post up at my new link party!

  10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  11. Oh no!!! I clicked the wrong button and accidentally deleted this comment! So sorry! Luckily, it went to my email, so I will paste it here:

    "A friend knows I enjoy crocheting, she asked me to make some flowered hair clips.
    I found the flowers here, I know she will love them.
    My question, I have several projects going. Recently retired, it is hard Not to just sit and crochet all the time.
    What stops me is what it is doing to my hands, fingers, wrists.
    Any suggestions? Is there anything any of you do to help this?


    1. I haven't encountered that problem yet, as I frequently have to stop crocheting to change a diaper, get a sippy of milk, or one of many other little tasks. So, I suppose, taking more frequent breaks may help. Is it possible that you have or are developing arthritis or carpel tunnel syndrome? Perhaps talking to your doctor can bring you some better answers. S/He may be able to suggest a cream that you can use to help relieve the pain.
      I will ask this question on my Facebook page. Perhaps there is someone there who can give a suggestion or two. :-)
      My Facebook Page-
      There is also a wonderful Knitting/Crocheting group on Facebook. Everyone is really helpful and welcoming. Here's the link to the group-

      Good luck!

  12. I was set up at a small craft fair at my school and a teacher asked me about crocheting hair clips instead of scrunchies. I said I hadn't tried, but after seeing these pics, and the fact I used to cross-stitch and have LOTS of embroidery floss, I will sure try it! Thanks for sharing. Gonna look you up on facebook too.

    1. Thanks for the visit & the comment, Linda! I LOVE all of the color options of embroidery floss! It was a little difficult to crochet with at first, but it got easier. I hope you have fun making some. :-)

  13. I recently made a bunch of these flower clips for my friends who have girls, and they loved them. Yours are very cute!!!


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