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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Symmetry Monsters and Aliens

My five year old has been asking me non-stop for the past few days to break out the paints so that she can make some pictures.

I haven't let her, and I am running out of excuses.

Why make excuses instead of letting her explore her artistic side through paint?

Well... If you have kids and paints, you know that mess.

If I am going to be cleaning up paint for the next few days, then the painting fun is going to be educational! So... Monsters and Aliens, it is!

When I was a kid, I loved learning about symmetry through art projects. My favorite creations were the monsters and aliens. Here are some that we made.

Cut Out Aliens:

  1. Fold a piece of paper in half.
  2. Cut a random shape around the open edge of the paper.
  3. Open the paper and paint on half of it.
  4. Fold in half and press.
  5. Open to reveal your alien.

Name Monsters:

  1. Fold paper in half, then open it.
  2. Paint your name along the fold, then add lines around it.
  3. Fold in half and press.
  4. Open to reveal your monster.

Monsters and Aliens (and Butterflies, lol)

  1. Fold your paper in half, then open it. 
  2. Drop a few random drops of paint onto the paper.
  3. Fold it back in half and press and smoosh the paint around. 
  4. Open to reveal an alien or monster... or as my 5 year old says, "A butterfly!".

These were fun, easy projects. As we made them, we talked about symmetry. We took turns pointing out other objects in the room that are symmetrical. I was impressed that the kids grasped the concept so easily. I think it was the paint.
Paint makes everything fun.

Maybe not everything....
...I should probably go and clean that mess up now. *sigh*
While I am doing that, I would love for you to share the fun ways that you explore symmetry with your kids. Just leave a comment.
It's easy.
No captcha, or anything.

Yes I am stalling.
Just a little bit.
It's a BIG mess...
But I really do want to hear your thoughts.

...ok... I'll go clean now... comment. :-)



  1. That all looks like great fun. I always use my washing up bowl and put soapy water in it so they can wash their hands straight away when they've finished painting.

  2. Hi Pinkoddy! That is a GREAT idea!!! I will be doing that next time! Thanks!

  3. I used to love doing this in school! I'd probably do it now if my fiance wouldn't make fun of me. Guess I'll have to wait until my nephew/cousins are a little bit older (can you teach a 6 month old about symmetry?)

    Thanks for linking up at what's cluckin!

  4. LOL! Too funny, Alecia!
    You're never too young... or too old to play with paint. I'll have to admit.... I had a lot of fun making these, too!

  5. Fun! My little Bug would love making these monsters. She adores monsters {friendly ones of course}! Thanks for sharing at A Pinteresting always!

  6. I'll bet she LOVES your little monster ice packs, then! Those are sooo cute! :-)


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