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Monday, December 31, 2012

Recipe Roundup- New Years Eve Party!

I thought that New Years Eve would be a fitting day to post my Recipe Roundup. After all, this day (or night, rather) is known for its parties! When I think of parties, I think of FOOD!
I've shared many recipes with you over the past months. Here are some of my favorites:
Fluffy Dinner Rolls
LeftoverMashed Potato Soup
Cheesy Potato Patties
Baked, Breaded
Chicken Strips
Red Chile For Burritos

Snickerdoodle Cookies
Pumpkin Roll
Make Your Own Granola
You can find the rest of them on my FOOD page.

Are you a true "foodie" or even just starting out cooking? I have been a member of a super, awesome cooking forum for years, now! We'd love to see some fresh, new faces in the group! If you like to talk food (and many other things), like trying new recipes, like sharing recipes, and like to share how a recipe you tried turned out, this is the place to be. Just sign up at The Quality Cook. The security settings are set pretty high, so leave me a comment (or message me), and I will inform the admins that you are joining!

There are a number of other sites that I love looking to for recipes, but when it comes to tried and true recipes, I love looking to other blogs.

I have a number of bloggy friends who frequently post some awesome recipes. Whether you are looking for family friendly, healthy, or special diet, I'm sure you will find a site (or 5) on my list that you'll love!
Here they are:

All Kinds of Recipes:
Cynthia at Feeding Big "I have recipes of all types! I am also beginning to throw in some crafts, collections, sewing etc!" 
Whitney at Five Minutes For Mommy "I try to post at least one recipe a week. Nothing special here, just whatever I think is yummy!"
Nicole at Wonky Wonderful "Nothing diet specific, I post a wide variety of recipes. If you are looking more for healthy, my most recent post for Brown Rice Pudding is healthy."
Dawn at Spatulas On Parade  "Spatulas On Parade is all about my love for good food, fun and easy recipes, helpful hints and tips for making foods and cleaners from scratch."
Nancy at On the Homefront   "I post various recipes every Friday!"
Kendra at A Proverbs 31 Wife "While they are rarely a special diet, I cook with mostly whole foods and make moat stuff from scratch."
Monika at Life With Lovebugs
Camille at Growing Up Gabel
Robyn at Robyn's View 

30 minutes or Less:
Cindy at Cindy's Recipes and Writings "My recipe development specialty is 30 minutes or less!"

Kids & Families:
Joanne at Fun, Easy Recipes For Kids!  "Food blog for kids and families."
Diane at Mamal Diane "Simple made from scratch cooking healthy recipes with my grand kids."
Misty at Kid Friendly Recipes "With a kid with feeding issues, I post kid-friendly recipes."
Thaleia at Something to Offer  will be adding kids cooking. Until then, you can check out her special pork recipe here

Healthy, Natural:
Sarah at Nature's Nurture  "Healthy, natural and real food ingredients."
Amanda at Natural Living Mama "Paleo/GAPS/SCD/Grain Free recipes every Friday"
Jessica at Delicious Obsessions  "All of my recipes are real/traditional food (nothing processed), however my more recent recipes (since Aug 2012) are going to be gluten, grain, dairy, legume, and sugar free."
Andrea at Homemade for Elle  "I am starting to post more. I like to post recipes without processed foods and seem to be on a Mexican food kick lately."
Laura at The Spinach Spot "Mine is whole foods, allergy friendly, dairy free, mostly GF."
Annie at Montana Solar Creations  "I try to post a recipe once a week, mine are all natural/healthy/real." 

Vegetarian- Healthy:
Tracy at Busy Vegetarian Mom 

Recipes On A Budget:
Laura at Now Things Are Cookin' "Recipes on a budget, cooking tips, and recipe reviews. While not whole foods, I don't cook with a lot of processed foods."
Carrie at Frugal Foodie Mama 

Allergen/Gluten Free, Candy & More
Jan at The Nerdy Farm Wife "Not a foodie blogger, but I have a growing collection of candy & sweets recipes, many (but not all) honey-based plus a few other odds & ends. "


Click here to see which super parties I link up to!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! I am off to pin this and to see what other folks are cooking up!

    Cynthia at


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