Hello, and welcome.
I would like to inform you that I AM MOVING.
...well, sort of. I have started a new blog, Oui Crochet, that focuses just on crochet, crochet patterns, and crochet resources. I am in the process of building it up as a one stop shop for all things crochet, and I am very excited about it. I hope you will come over and check out my progress. :)
I will be moving my patterns from this site, to my new site. My idea is to leave this site active, so that you can still access other aspects of this site. I will also leave a modified "introduction" post where each pattern is on this site, as to keep all links active and make it so that you can easily locate the pattern's new home. As an added bonus, you will also find new printable/downloadable versions of my patterns.
I apologize for any inconvenience, but I assure you, this change is a positive one. I look forward to seeing you at Oui Crochet.
Happy Crocheting!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Healthy Foods (plus printable)

It never fails.
Every weekend, when we go to the store, it happens.
Our 5 and 7 year olds very sweetly look up at their daddy, and ask for a dollar.
And he, of course, hands one over to them.
Ahhh... if only they saved those dollars up. But no. They are eager to spend it. (Okay, I can't really blame them. I am the same way when I want to buy yarn or something.)
Every week, we go through the aisles and they look at the items. Will they put their money together for a larger bag of cheetos or a package of cookies? Or will they buy their own individual snack at the checkout?
Whatever they decide, it always seems to be junk food.
Last week, when we got back from the store, while my 5 year old was munching on her funyuns and my 7 year old was digging into her bbq lays, I had an idea. (By the way... smart kids! They saw that I was buying  a cake, so they chose salty snacks over sweet!)

Anyway, back to my idea. They We get enough junk food as it is (note previously mentioned cake), so do they really need to be wasting their money on  more junk food?
I didn't think so either.
I had to think of a way to get them on board the idea of buying healthier snacks.
I thought for a minute, then I said to them, "You know, you could have put your money together and bought a big basket of strawberries! That would have been yummy!"
You should have seen their eyes light up! "STRAWBERRIES???!!!"
They went on about how much they love strawberries and how they wished that they had thought of that at the store. It worked! I kept it going with suggestions of grapes, blueberries, string cheese, yogurt and more of their favorite healthy snacks. They got excited about it and started planning what they would buy next weekend.
Soon it was time for bed, but I told them that we would do a project together the next day.

Monday morning rolled around and they were excited for their project. I started by telling them that we are going to start eating healthier and when they choose snacks at the store, they have to start choosing healthy ones. We talked about the food groups. They wrote down the foods that they like and categorized them into the right groups. It was relaxed and fun. We talked about what foods are healthy and which ones aren't as healthy. They enjoyed learning about how many of the foods they love are so good for them.

The fun we had with this little project prompted me to create a printable project out of it, and of course, share it with all of you!
Click Here for the Printable

There are seven pages including the cover page. Your child can draw and list his/her favorite healthy foods from each group. Or, if you prefer, you can find some food ads and use those to cut and paste onto the pages. On the last page, your child can make his/her own healthy plate. You can print extra if you want him/her to create a plate for each meal.
Fun, right? I hope you all enjoy this activity as much as we did!


Monday, July 30, 2012

Kids Fingerless Gloves (free crochet pattern)

Have you seen those knitted fingerless gloves?
Cute, right?
I've been wanting to make some for a while, now. Problem is, I'm not much of a knitter. I know how, I just need a lot more practice.
I decided to try to crochet some fingerless gloves instead of knitting them. I wasn't sure that I would be wearing them myself, so I decided to take it a step further and crochet some in a kids size, for my daughter.
I didn't even look up a pattern for them. I did have a knit pattern for mittens in a book that I have.
I looked at that and decided it wasn't for me, but I did take away the method in which to expand the area for the thumb.
I got out my hooks and yarn, and I went to work.
I made one that was a total disaster. Yup. It was bad. The cuff was too big and the palm was too small, and I didn't like the huge seam that was left when I sewed the sides together.
Was it a total loss? No. It was a wonderful learning experience!
I learned where I needed to reduce some stitches and where I needed to increase them.
So I tried it again.
I didn't like that one either.
I was getting closer, though. It was just that ugly seam on the side.
I needed it to be smaller.
I decided that I would try crocheting it in a round. I also decided to use a lighter weight yarn.
I was very pleased with the results.
My seven year old daughter loves them!
I could easily add a cute flower like this one or this one, or a super cute little bow like the one Lauren from Tutus and Tea Parties made for her Crochet Bow Ring.
I didn't this time, because my daughter couldn't wait to take the gloves from me and wear them. OK. Next time. 

Click the link below for the pattern:
Kids Fingerless Gloves


Saturday, July 28, 2012

Banner Comic: Issue #8

We have a new banner comic!
We usually drink real juice, but sometimes we will "splurge" and opt for some sugar free fruit punch. "The red kind" happens to be a favorite...


Friday, July 27, 2012

Searching For Super-Mom: Meet Charissa!

This week's mom is Charissa!
Charissa is a California mom to her 2 1/2 year old son, nicknamed Peanut.  She is a single fulltime working mom to "the most handsome little boy".  She works full time at a marketing firm, and has just started doing this job from home. "I'm actually very happy they're allowing me to work from home."
At 2 1/2, her son is still too young for school, but Charissa would "love to homeschool. Maybe one day."
In her spare time, Charissa enjoys knitting and crocheting.
She has been blogging on and off for 6 months. Her blog is about her everyday life, being a (white) mom to her (biological) biracial son, "our journey with his natural hair, hair products, skin products and my knitting and crocheting (which will be a separate blog once I get more pictures and things added to that page)."
You can view her blog here. Charissa also has a Facebook page for her knitting and crocheting business. You can see that here.

When asked what she wished she knew before becoming a parent, Charissa said, "I honestly knew everything I knew now but I really wish I knew WHEN I would get pregnant so I could have saved alot more and finished school when I had the chance." If she could go back in time to before she became a mom and give herself advice, she would have advised herself to finish college.

Here are a couple more questions before we get to the 10 Super Questions.

What is your most proud moment as a parent?
when i first saw my son after i gave birth to him but i think that goes for all moms so i don't think that one counts so i'll start at the beginning, my son was born prematurely, 28 days early, he had trouble with his lungs and he had trouble eating. the doctors thought because of his lung issues he was going to have brain problems because not enough oxygen might not be getting to his brain. he had, what looked like, bruises on his brain (and had MRI's and CAT scans at 3 months, it was so stressful) so in other words the doctors and nurses all thought he would have learning disabilities and have development issues as well. well come to find out at the little age of 1 month (almost 2 months) my son rolled over from his belly to his back and from his back to his belly!! it was huge!! i was so proud that he was not only developing on time but he is advanced. he had therapy til he was about a year old and every time we went the nurses and doctors would all comment on how fast he learns and how advanced he is.  my little angel makes me so proud, he's definitely my miracle baby♥

What is your favorite family tradition?
my parents didn't really have any family traditions for me to pass on but i do want to start my own with my son and my future husband and children. i want to have summer sunday bbqs with the family in the backyard or at a local park. i want to have a huge family reunion. i also want to have a big family thanksgiving and christmas at our house  just some things i dream of for my little family 

10 Super Questions

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Kid Snack: Chocolate Graham Cracker Dessert

When my seven year old daughter grows up, she wants to be a chef and a veterinarian.
Her veterinarian aspirations are on hold for now because we don't have any pets yet.
Her cooking aspirations, however, are coming along.
We recently celebrated a birthday.  When one of our kids have a birthday, I make up little goodie bags of snacks for the other kids. This time they happened to include graham crackers and Hershey's Miniatures.
The other day, my seven year old asked to use the microwave because she had "a really yummy snack" that she wanted to try.
Now, to you and I, this is an old idea. Sort of a take on a microwavable S'more. Something we've all seen before. But to her, this is something new and exciting. 
I love it when this happens!
Here is her creation:
Something that she created. 
An idea that she came up with on her own.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Super Link Party #11

It's that time again! I had so much fun checking out last week's links and pinning them all! I hope you all checked them out too! Thank you everyone who participated!
If you would like to be a guest host, please click the "contact me" tab on the left, to email me!

Before I get to the party, though, I would like to share with you my 
WIP Wednesday: 

This is going to be a simple knitted toddler pillowcase.
I'd also like to remind you all... there is still time to sign up for 
We would love for you to join us in this giveaway celebration!
We are still taking sign-ups, so come on by and link up your giveaway info!
Click the link for details!

Back to the party! 

Are you ready for this week's features? Remember, if you are featured, your button gets a "Featured Guests" spot in my right sidebar!

"Most Clicked On" Feature:

Two Sasters shared another super-awesome Techy Tip!
Check out this one on how to make Email Signatures!
"My Favorites" Features:

Crafty Biggers shared this super-yummy looking
Heath Bar Cake. Just look at the picture...
Need I say more?
Repeat Crafter Me shared this super-cute
Pennant Banner Thank You Card that she made.
I LOVE how she used a sharp crochet hook
to crochet the the pennants together!

Thanks for sharing and Don't forget to grab your featured button!

Now on to this week's party!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Got Stress? Act Like a One Year Old!

This is my friend Cassondra's handsome
 little man, Logan! Isn't he a cutie?

Yup! You read that correctly!
The thought occurred to me the other night... or was it morning?
Either way, I was lying in bed and I remembered something that needed to be done. I looked over at my peacefully sleeping 1 1/2 year old and marveled over the stress-free life she has.
Ahhh... to feel like that.
Then I thought to myself, "what am I complaining about? I do feel like that... most of the time" and at that very moment, I realized why.
I act like a one year old.
There. I admitted it!
It's not a bad thing, though, if you think about it.
I mean, what does a one year old do when she gets upset?

Friday, July 20, 2012

Searching For Super-Mom: Meet Becky

I would like you all to meet Becky!
Becky is a WAHM of two living in "the hoppin metropolis of Baxter, Minnesota"! In addition to being Mom to her two kidsSara age 6 and Jake age 9, Becky can "milk a goat and shoot a nail gun like nobody’s business." One of her favorite snacks is hot coffee and hard cheddar cheese. She adores naps and loathes overflowing garbage cans, and she admits, "Did I mention I am quirky?" As you read through her interview, I am sure that you will be as amused by her quirkiness and her honesty as much as I am!

If you want to experience more of Becky's amusing antics, you're in luck! She has been blogging for over five years. "I love it. Blogging enables me to speak my mind, on my own terms, on my own turf. Blogging has opened amazing opportunities beyond the boundaries of my community. Blogging has enabled me to meet some pretty amazing peeps and form friendship with people I may never meet in person."
Becky's two main blogs are Franticmommy and Lakes Area Mom Squad. "Franticmommy is a humorous look at the trials and tribulations of parenthood. Lakes Area Mom Squad is mainly about shining the spotlight on Moms-in Business."
You can connect with Becky via her blogs: 
Franticmommy Lakes Area Mom Squad, LAMS CommunicationsAudrey Press; Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest; or Email.

I asked Becky a little more about herself. Here is what she had to say about her work and her kids'schooling.

"I am WAHM (Work At Home Mom) and very proud of that fact. After 30 years (yes, I am 46)  in the meat grinder known as The Office Products Industry I switched gears completely and decided to pursue my love of social media, blogging, and writing. I am a full-time Virtual Assistant, which means I work virtually from my home for other companies like Audrey Press (a children's book publisher) BeHeard Communications, Storkbrokers (an on-line marketplace for moms) and Celebrationz4U (an on-line party supply and event planning company. I could go on for DAYS about the joys of working from home, but I won't. I will say this; the best thing about working from home is that the kids can be around me whenever they/want need. The worst thing about working from home is, the kids can be around me whenever they want/need. It's a tricky and delicate balance, but I wouldn't trade it for the world."

" The kids go to traditional school and my husband is a EA (Education Assistant) for their school as well. This summer has been the first summer EVER that I am home full-time with the kids. There are moments I want to run away and join the circus, but overall it has been amazing. We decided early on we would have a No Bummer Summer and so far it's working GREAT."

Here's a few more questions before we get to the 10 Super Questions.

Since you've become a parent, what advice would you give yourself, if you could go back in time (to before you had kids)? Save more money!! Money is not power, money is freedom. Financially I would have loved to quit my yucky job sooner so I could be there more for our kids during their early school years. I believe The Season of Parenthood goes sooooo fast. I think all parents should relish every moment and be involved with your kids as much as humanly possible. This is just my personal opinion. Every family is different.

What is your most proud moment as a parent? I bawled my tail off both times our kids graduated from Kindergarten. I think it was at that moment that I realized they were growing up and wouldn’t be my “baby” anymore. 

What do you think is the ideal age to have children? Well, I think this is a hard to question to answer because everyone is in different places in their life at different times. From a personal angle hubs and I got married at 22 and didn’t feel “ready” to have kids until we turned 30. THEN life threw us a curveball called Infertility and it was 7 long years before we became parents. Our youngest was born the day after my 40th birthday and I honestly, I wouldn’t change it for the world. 

10 Super-Questions

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Super Link Party #10

It's that time again! I had so much fun checking out last week's links and pinning them all! I hope you all checked them out too! Thank you everyone who participated!
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"Most Clicked On" Feature:
Whipped Coconut Oil Body Butter Recipe
Revitalise Your Health Shared
25 Magical Things To Make With Coconut Oil.
I am loving Coconut Oil, so this was super helpful!

"My Favorites" Features:

Repeat Crafter Me shared this super-cute
Crochet Watermelon Coin Purse.
I am now looking for a sharp crochet hook! :-)
WonkyWonderful shared this recipe for
Green Tomato Jam.
I never would have thought to do this!
Thanks for sharing and Don't forget to grab your featured button!

Now on to this week's party!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Peanut Butter Balls

The other day, my husband was at the grocery store picking a few things up on his way home.
When he called me from the store, he mentioned something about doughnut gems... I countered with Oreos...
We talked a couple of times during this shopping trip, and last I remembered, we were at mint cookies.

When he got home, there were no cookies or doughnuts to be found. Instead, there was a huge bag of dark chocolate chips form the bulk section and a huge jar of all natural peanut butter. He figured he would get those, and I could come up with something to make.

Well, I did!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Banner Comic: Issue # 7

I have a new banner comic!
As you probably know, my oldest daughter usually does my banner comics for me. Well, this time, my 12 year old son wanted to try his hand at it! He had already re-designed my social media buttons for me and re-designed the comic template to match the new styling on my blog. He came up with the idea for this comic and asked if he could do it, so of course I let him. I think he did great!

He plans to start his own blog sometime and has already started the design for it. He's one talented kid, if I do say so myself!
Thanks, Son!


Bloggy Girls Club

I just wanted to let you all know that I've started a group on Facebook called Bloggy Girls Club.
It's a place we can go for support, and  to talk blogs, bounce ideas off of each other and help each other with bloggy sort of stuff.
I invite you to stop by, join, and spread the word! Go ahead and grab a button if you like, too!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Searching For Super-Mom: Meet Brittany!

I would like to welcome this week's mom! 
Brittany is a Utah mom with a 14 month old daughter, a student pursuing her bachelors degree, and a new blogger!
Brittany has been blogging at Love, Play, Learn since June 2012. Her blog features children’s activities that are fun and educational. "I believe in learning through play especially at these younger ages." 
This is a belief that Brittany plans on carrying out as her daughter grows. "When my daughter is old enough we want to find a preschool that has an emphasis on play based and hands on learning. When she enters grade school we want to get her into a charter school."

If you have children,  Love, Play, Learn  is a blog you'll want to follow! Brittany has so many great ideas for fun and learning! Be sure to like her Facebook Page and check out her Pinterest, as well.

Here's a little more about Brittany before we gt to the 10 Super-Questions:

What's your parenting style? I would say my parenting style is loving and hands on. I have read all the latest articles and books on what is “best” for children but at the end of the day I do what feels right for us. 

Who has been the biggest influence on your life? What lessons did that person teach you? My parents have had the biggest influence on my life. I have such positive memories of my childhood and my relationship with my parents. They were warm and loving and always made me feel like I could accomplish anything I wanted. They are examples to me as to what a parent should be and how they should treat their children.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Super Link Party #9

It's that time again! I had so much fun checking out last week's links and pinning them all! I hope you all checked them out too! Thank you everyone who participated!

Remember, if you would like to guest host, please drop me a line. Just click on the "contact me" tab on the left. :-)

Before we get started, I want to tell you about an awesome giveaway event, and invite you all to join in! Just click the button below for details.

Now, back to the party!
Are you ready for this week's features? Remember, if you are featured, your button gets a "Featured Guests" spot in my right sidebar!I have to tell you, I had a really hard time choosing my features this week! There were so many that I loved! 
"Most Clicked On" Feature:
Learning Ideas-Grades K-8 shared this
fun Numbers Coloring Book
"My Favorites" Features:

My Merry Messy Life shared this
Homemade Diaper Rash Cream.
If you have little ones, this is sure
to come in handy! Plus, it is
non-toxic and green!!!
Addicted to Recipes shared this
refreshing, yummy-looking
Strawberry Lemonade.
Really, need I say more?
It looks delicious!
Thanks for sharing and Don't forget to grab your featured button!

Now on to this week's party!


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