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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Super Cute Contest/Giveaway!

I am super excited to announce my first contest!!!

I am teaming up with Meg from Posies and Petals for the giveaway portion of this contest, and if you take a look at her Etsy Shop, her website, and her Facebook Page, you can see how I got the idea to call this a "Super Cute" contest! (Etsy will be down for a couple of hours on Sunday for routine maintenance. So make sure you check back if you can't get on there right away. You seriously have to see all of the cute little posies and petals!!!!)
I would like for you to meet Meg, first, then I will tell you about the contest!

I’m Meg-the person behind the posies.  I taught preschool and kindergarten and worked in many different roles in education before my children were born.  Now my days still revolve around children, but a much smaller group.   I love being with my two kids (3 ½ and 15 months) full time and watching them grow and change together. 
My children are hilarious, vibrant, and entertaining people, but I enjoy having things that are just mine… non-mom related! For me those things are running and Posies and Petals.  Running is such a release for me! It clears my head and allows me to regain focus on what is really important.  Although sometimes this is hard to do if you’re pushing a stroller and holding a leashJ  
Posies and Petals has been a tremendous experience.  The teacher in me is a lifelong learner. Opening my shop has provided so many new opportunities to continue learning and being creative! 
I truly enjoy working with clients to create accessories that they are happy with. Nothing makes me happier than receiving personal feedback or pictures from clients and friends about the enjoyment they get from using the items they helped to create.   

I would love for you to visit Posies and Petals!   Please don’t hesitate to email me with any questions or comments-remember everything is handmade specifically for you! 

Thanks Meg! Now... on to the contest!

The contest is simple. 
Upload a Super-Cute picture of your super-cute child, then beg all of your family and Facebook friends ask others to vote for you!
Submissions will start today and end Friday night (11:59pm Pacific time). Voting begins at midnight on Saturday June 23rd and will last through Thursday June 28th (ends 11:59pm Pacific time).

The Winner (picture that receives the most votes)
Will be announced sometime on Friday June 29th,
and Meg has agreed to give the winner of the contest a $15 gift certificate for Posies and Petals!
How awesome is that?
She ships world-wide, so the contest is open to everyone.
There will be one winner, and odds are based on number of entrants and number of voters.

The Rules:

  • Upload 1 photo per household, please. (By entering, you are certifying that you are the parent/legal guardian of the child in the photo, thus having the legal right to enter the photo.) 
  • Be sure to include your email address (where it asks) so that we can notify you if you win. 
  • Voters will be allowed a total of 5 votes (per IP address)Inlinkz does not allow you to vote for your own submission, nor can anyone vote for the same submission more than once. ( You can vote for 5 different submissions). 
  • By entering, you agree to abide by the rules.
Now, go ahead and enter! If you aren't sure how, I have included instructions at the bottom of this post.

How To Enter:

Click the "Add Your Link" Button:
You can find it below the submissions (unless you are the first to enter, in that case, it should be just above "How To Enter").
URL: (Uploading Your Photo)
Choose one. (It's sooo much easier than I am making it sound!)
  • From a Web Page Link- If your photo is on a web page/blog, you can enter the URL in the top line of the submission form above.
  • From a Direct Link- If your photo has a direct link (such as with Photobucket), enter the direct link on the top line of the submission form above. When you complete the rest of the submission form, a box may come up. If so, select the "Direct Image URL" tab, and re-enter your direct link, then hit submit.
  • From Your Computer- Just type anything in the top box of the submission form above. When you complete the rest of the submission form, a box will come up. Select the "Upload From Computer" tab, choose your file, then upload.
Just type in your name, your child's name, or a brief title, so that it is easier for you to tell your friends and family which photo to vote for!
Enter your email address. Don't worry. I will not sell it or share it with any third parties. I promise!
Next Step:
Click "Next Step" and you will be prompted to choose your photo, or the little box will come up and you can choose your method of uploading. Once your photo is selected and uploaded, the page will be redirected back to this post. Wait a few seconds (or a minute if it is being slow) and refresh the page. You should be able to see your submission.

Easy, right?



  1. How can i upload a photo..?? there isn't any upload option..

    1. So sorry, Saira! The last day to submit a photo was Friday. :-(
      Right now, we are in the voting phase.


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