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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

How to Open a Stuck Jar!

As I mentioned last week, I will not be hosting my Super Link Party this week. I figure that with the holidays, many of us have been busier than usual, so we're skipping this week, and will resume next week.
A a result, last week's features will stay in the spotlight, under Featured Guests for an extra week!
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Because you all are so awesome, I can't just leave you here, disappointed that there is no party, so I will share one of my favorite little tips with you!

Do you know what this is?
 Yes, but besides just a peanut butter jar....

It's a stuck peanut butter jar.
As in... virtually impossible to open.

Do you know what this is?
I'll bet you're on to me, and didn't answer "just a rubber band", huh? So what is it?
It's the key!
Yup. That's right.
Allow me to demonstrate...
Simply place said "key" around stuck jar lid, as so:

It's best to put it around the widest part of the lid.

Next, simply grip the lid around the rubber band, grab the jar, and open.

It seriously works!
You want to try it now, don't you?
An extra little tip... the wider the rubber band, the better. If you get those really wide ones, like the ones they put around broccoli to bind a couple "trees" together, grab it and put it in your kitchen drawer to save for your next stuck lid.
You can thank me later! ;-)

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  1. cool! I have small hands and always look out for ways to open jars. My usual go to put on my rubber gloves from under the sink and then try open then

  2. I never heard of the rubber band idea before, but it makes sense. I'll try it next time instead of my usual way (running hot water over the lid).

    1. I used to do the hot water thing, too! One day, years ago (I'm not even sure how I gt it) I got a little rubber square that was used for opening stuck lids. It disappeared after a year or so, so I started using a rubber band. I was so happy it worked!

  3. I always tell my husband the only reason why I married him was to open stuck jars for me. :-) Sometimes I'll bang the jar on the counter. It helps break the seal, which loosens the lid. Be careful with glass jars, though!


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