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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Leftovers Part 2: Beef

***This is an old post moved here from my old blog.***  

    Hi, and welcome to Leftovers- Part 2! In Leftovers-Part 1, we talked about creative ways to use leftover chicken. Today I will be talking about Beef. For these leftover ideas, you can use a variety of cuts of beef. Tri-tip is my favorite, but you can use any variety of roast, or even leftover steak. So, let's ask ourselves:

What Can I Make With Leftover Beef?

  • Make a Stew. Cut the leftovers into bite-sized chunks and make into a stew by mixing it with roasted veggies and beef gravy.
  • Make a Soup. Cut the leftover beef into small pieces and add it to beef broth and cooked veggies.
  • Dress Up Your Ramen Noodles. Slice the beef and heat it, then top cooked ramen noodles with it.
  • Make French Dip Sandwiches. Slice the beef thin and  heat it with some with Au Jus for dipping.
  • Make Cheesesteak Sandwiches. Slice the beef thin and fry it up with some cheese (add onions, mushrooms & bell peppers for a really yummy sandwich).
  • Make Barbecue Beef Sandwiches. Shred or chop the beef and mix with your favorite barbecue sauce. Heat and serve on rolls.
  • Beef and Gravy. Cut up the beef and mix it with brown gravy. Serve over mashed potatoes, rice, or noodles. Add steamed or roasted veggies for a complete meal.
  • Tacos and Enchiladas. Shred, season and use the beef for taco or enchilada filling.
  • Make Fajitas. (I did this on Monday!) Sautee up some bell peppers and onions, add some leftover beef, cut into strips and serve with tortillas, cheese and salsa.
  • Make a Casserole or Pot Pie. Combine chunks of beef and Cream of Whatever Soup made with beef broth, and cooked veggies. Cook the mixture in a pie shell or in an oven safe casserole dish topped with mashed potatoes.
 What yummy ideas do you have for using leftover beef?



  1. We have also done steak and eggs, tacos, spicy beef stew, and paleo chili (cubed beef, ground beef, veggies and spice to taste!


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