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Friday, August 10, 2012

Searching For Super-Mom: Meet Lauren!

Lauren is a NY mom to a 3 year old girl and a step-mom to two boys ages 7 and 9! She works out of her home, but she gets to take her daughter with her, so she loves it! When asked if she will traditional school or home school,  she says, "My daughter isn't old enough for school, but I do tot school with her. She won't be going to preschool until she's 4...if we even decide to send her."

Lauren is addicted to crafting. "If there is something on the market, you better bet your bottom dollar that I will try to make it myself before buying it!" To see some of her crafts, you can check out Tutus and Tea Parties, where she has been blogging about parenting, crafts/activities for toddlers, crocheting and crafting, for just over a year. With blogging, comes social media. Lauren is a self-proclaimed social media addict! You can stop by an say Hi to her on Facebook or Twitter, and check out her new Instagram.

When asked what she wished she knew before becoming a parent, Lauren said, "Anything! I remember being in the hospital after giving birth, the nurse handing me my daughter and leaving, and me thinking- umm, ok. What do I do with her?" Well, I think she figured it out and has done great!  "I love when people in stores or restaurants compliment my daughter on her politeness/behavior. I must say, she is super polite- says "may I have" instead of "I want" and so on. My grandma says she's a little old lady. I'm so proud of her and the little girl she is becoming."

Here are a couple questions for Lauren before we get to the 10 Super Questions:

Do you and your partner have the same dicipline styles? How are they the same/different? 

No, and it's frustrating! I am strict (I don't let my daughter get away with things she knows isn't right, she needs to clean up her messes) and my hubby is a sucker! He will let her get away with anything! It's funny how differently she acts around each of us because she knows who takes what!

Since you've become a parent, what advice would you give yourself, if you could go back in time (to before you had kids)? Be consistent. If you let them get away with something when you're tired/busy, they will know when you are weak and get ya every time. Toddlers are smart!

10 Super Questions

1. How is your family traditional? How is it untraditional? I suppose we are traditional in the fact that my husband is the one who takes care of the bills and I do the grocery shopping/cooking although I do work and contribute to the family bills.

2. Does your actual parenting style differ from what you thought it would be before you had children? If so, how? I don't think so. I'm not as strict as I thought I'd be, but other than that I'm pretty much the kind of parent I thought I'd far. The only thing I didn't expect was to feel this amount of love for another human being. It overwhelms me (in a good way). It makes me give in to her sometimes.

3. What was the best mothering advice you ever received and who gave it to you? Hmm, I'm not really sure. No one really gave me advice like that. Just the normal tid bits.

4. What was the most surprising thing you learned in the first year? Time flies! I know everyone says it goes fast, but you never realize just how fast it goes until it has gone.

5. Has your view of the world changed since you became a parent? If so, how? Yes, the world is a scarier place now because I fear for my child. I am neurotic about her holding my hand and keeping her in my sight in public. There was this one time in the store that she moved just far enough for the isle to hide her and I had a heart attack for the 2 seconds it took her to walk closer when I called her. You just never know. If anything happened to her, I don't know what I would do with myself.

6.  What is something that you have learned about yourself since becoming a parent? I learned how much love my heart could feel. It's amazing!

7. What about your child(ren) reminds you of  yourself? My daughter is shy like I was. I still am a bit, but have become more outgoing as I get older.

8.  If you could have any super power, what would it be? Mind reading! I'd love to know what goes on in that head of my daughters!

9. If an alien came from space and asked you what a "mother" is what would you say? A mother is a teacher, a nurturer, a friend, and the one person that loves you most in the world!

10. What annoys you most about other mothers? When they judge. I used to judge other moms, until I became one! You don't know anyone or their situation/home life. There is a passage in the Bible that I have bookmarked on my phone to remind me that I have no right to judge others:: "There is only one Lawgiver and Judge, the one who is able to save and destroy. But you--who are you to judge your neighbor?" James 4:12

Thank you so much, Lauren! I enjoyed this interview and it was fun learning more about you!



  1. Great interview Susie. Love it. I am less busy than Lauren. But, still I am not making as much as I should be making.

  2. Hi Susie and Lauren!! I have to agree dads are almost always suckers when it come to their girls. I have two of them and they both know that dad is more likely to give in.

  3. Hi Susie. I found you on Bloggy Moms and if you are interested would love to be 'interviewed'. I am a SAHM to five kids, four boys and a girl. My oldest two are entering 7th grade, my middle two are entering 3rd and my baby girl is starting kindergarten. You can read about my crazy, chaos filled, fun life at Thanks :)


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