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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spelling Lessons For Beginning Spellers (and Readers)

I love including Spelling in my lesson plans for the kids. Not just for the Spelling itself, but because it is a wonderful "multi-tasking" tool. I use spelling lessons to reinforce phonic lessons and handwriting lessons. It can be used for grammar and usage, composition, and vocabulary, too.

I compile my own spelling lists based on other things my kids are doing at the time. I mostly use their Reading and Phonics as a guide.
I base their lessons on their level of education.

For beginning readers and spellers, I keep it relatively simple.
  • Monday- Pre-Test. Any words that are misspelled are re-written correctly 5 times each.
  • Tuesday- Word Examination. Each word is written, then key letters are underlined. For example, if we are studying words with the long A sound, the letters that make the sound (ai, ay, a_e, etc.) will be underlined. This lesson can double as a phonics lesson.
  • Wednesday-  Word Practice. (Admittedly, this one is kinda boring. Shhhh... don't tell the kids I said that!) This is especially helpful with words the the kids are having trouble with. For each word, your child should: Say the Word, Spell the Word, Write the Word, Say the Word Again. Do this three times for each word. It is helpful if your child says and spells the words aloud. This lesson can double as handwriting practice.
  • Thursday- Fun Day. I like to use Thursdays to do different things. You can opt to work on ABC order, where your child simply puts the words in alphabetical order. You can generate a word search to print out for your child. You can create a word shape worksheet. You can work with vocabulary and make a crossword puzzle. You can work on sentence structure and have your child write a sentence with each word; or work on composition and have your child write a story that includes each word. Sentences and composition double up as writing, grammar, handwriting, and vocabulary lessons.
  • Friday- Exam Day. Give your child a few minutes to look over their word list one more time, then give him/her a spelling test. If my children misspell any words, I make them write each misspelled word an additional 5 times each.
As your child gets older and more advanced, the lessons can get harder and more complex. You can also tailor the lessons to whatever your child needs more help with. There are so many possibilities.

I will share my beginning spelling lists with you. They are 10 lessons, 5 based on short vowel sounds and 5 based on long vowel sounds. (List is printable)


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  1. Good Morning,
    Thanks for the work sheet to start spelling. This is my last gchild of 5 to teach to read. I am moving faster with him but i think spelling will benefit him. Hes really a video game person and learning minecraft hes pushed me away to do that instead and i let him finially had to step in and say we have to teach you to read. I taught him his letters and sounds at 3. So it wasn't hard to pick it back up. So we got the short sounds down well just started long. I showed him how to use it and with the word pancake and he looked at me and grinned so big. It connected finally. ha chuckle. a short vowel and long vowel what we were doing. Just doing endings, blends and sight word concepts to help him finish his understanding of concepts. Yes and after that can go back and strengthen what hes learning. Hes 4. I do applaud your efforts homeschooling congrats. Thanks sharyn ohio:-)


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