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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Lil' Crochet Easter Egg Chicks

I was poking around one of my favorite blogs, Tutus & Tea Parties, and I saw the cutest little crochet Easter egg chick. I had to make some of my own! They are just too darn cute!

I was going to save them as little Easter surprises, but I got "busted".  My 5 year old saw them and immediately had to play with them. In fact, my 3 youngest girls have been playing with them almost non-stop since I made them. For some reason, my 1 1/2 year old insists that they say, "meow", but ok... if that's what she wants her little chickie to say, then who am I to judge.

You can get the original crochet egg pattern at Easy Makes Me Happy.  And easy it is!
Here are my eggs before they "hatched".

I didn't to a super-good job at putting the little faces on them, but I think with a little more practice and a few less interruptions, I will get better.

Thank you to Tutus & Tea Parties and Easy Makes Me Happy!

Happy Easter!


  1. Aww, they are so cute! I love that your little one makes it meow. Lol. My daughter just said today that a goose says neigh {a silly goose, maybe!}. Eh, toddlers! Hope you had fun making them! :)

  2. LOL! That is so cute! I did have fun making them! I made another last night.
    If I remember next year, I think I want to make at least one a day for the month before Easter, and have a bunch of them ready for an indoor egg hunt. :-)

  3. These are adorable! Maybe I can make some for my kids tonight, after they're asleep :)

  4. Thanks, MaryAnne! I can't stop making them, they're so fun! ;-)

  5. Aww those are so cute! Visiting your from the April Blog Hop in Bloggy Moms! I love the comic book theme for your blog, its really cool! PLease check out my blog, Rural Mama's Sandbox, Have a great day!

  6. Welcome Crystal and RuralMama!
    I'm heading to your blog now, RuralMama! :-)


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