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Thursday, April 19, 2012


What is it about bugs and kids?

Some bugs are AWESOME!

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Others... not so much.
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Funny thing is, I feel the same way they do! If I see a spider or a centipede or a cockroach, you can be sure that EVERYONE will know it. My kids know that scream.
And most of them... well, they'd be right there screaming with me!

But, if we should happen to cross paths with a few ladybugs outside the doctor's office, you can guarantee that our departure will be delayed at least 5 or 10 minutes. In fact, this just happened. There was a ladybug on the door of the truck... and one in the bushes next to it... and another one on a nearby rock. I loved that the kids were eager to stop and study them as they crawled around. When one ladybug up and took flight, squeals of awe and wonder and joy escaped my younger girls' mouths... OK... Mine too! It really was cool!

As we continued on with our errands, we saw a couple of butterflies fluttering about. I love how my kids marvel over the sight of them. I love the excitement in their voices and the way they point at them, yelling, "Look! I see a butterfly!!!" as if it were some mystical sight that they were fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of.

I love that my younger kids get to have these experiences for the very first time. They can sit and watch an ant trail run across a crack in the sidewalk and into the bushes for as long as an entire episode of Dora the Explorer lasts. They even give them names... and try to feed them leaves. Their wonder and curiosity amazes me. As they sit and watch the ants, I sit and watch them. I wouldn't give up these moments for the world!

Next time you are out with your kids, or grand-kids, or nieces and nephews, stop to look at a bug. A cute bug... not an icky, scary one... and experience the moment with them. It is truly an awesome thing!



  1. Aww that was such a sweet post! It is a lot of fun seeing our kids explore the world. Sometimes my kids will help me stop and look at things. That's so sweet your kids name them and try to feed them. Ok you made me want to go find some ladybugs for my boys to look at....btw I'm really enjoying looking at your blog! :-)

  2. Hi Allie, thanks for stopping by!
    I hope you do find some ladybugs! We had so much fun!


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