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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

1-2-3 Cake found on Pinterest!

When I saw this quick cake idea on Pinterest, I repinned it and immediately made plans to try it.

Then, I went to The Hidden Pantry and followed that blog, because she has a ton of awesome looking recipes (even one for home cured bacon!!!) So check it out!

Now back to the cake.

I used Betty Crocker Angel Food Cake Mix and Betty Crocker Super Moist Chocolate Fudge Cake Mix.

The result was a spongy, light and airy, little cake... like a chocolate Angel Food cake.
I used coffee cups. My coffee cups are really thin, so I only needed 45 seconds. 

I also decided to drop a few chocolate chips into the batter. They sunk to the bottom of the cup, but when inverted into a bowl, they made a nice little "frosting".

While this isn't your typical thick, rich cake, there are a lot of things that I really like about it.
  • Each serving is only about 126 calories (before adding chocolate chips). Yes. I calculated it out. And in case you are wondering, there are about 26 servings... which brings me to my next point...
  • It is economical. I bought both cake mixes for a total of about $3. That's around 11 cents per serving.
  • My kids like it! They also like that they can make it themselves. I like that, too!
  • There are so many flavor possibilities! I don't even know what I want to try next. Carrot cake? Lemon? Strawberry?
  • It stores well, and is nice to have on hand when we want a little treat.
  • It is so quick! Simply measure it out, add water, and nuke. Cake in one minute!

Thank you to The Hidden Pantry for sharing this recipe!


  1. Hi there!! I am blogger and just followed you back. Love your blog and just signed up. Wishing you lots of success and good luck!! Thanks for the good words about 123 cake. It has been a real hit and I have had a blast reading all of the creative and useful comments and suggestions. My best to ya....

  2. I saw that on pinterest too!!! YUM! Gotta love nice and easy! Thanks for stopping by Healthy Mommy Healthy Baby!

  3. Hi Diane! Thank you so much for stopping by and for following!And thanks for your encouragement!

  4. This sounds amazing! I love love love your cartoon/header, it's so fun and unique! I'm a new BloggyMoms follower from the February Hop and look forward to your future posts!

  5. Hi Tess! Thanks for stopping by and following!
    And thanks for the compliments on my header! I couldn't do it without my daughter! :-)


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